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Labor & Insiders gets it 100% wrong on Ebola virus

Watching “Insiders” on the development of the Ebola virus in Africa on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) this morning (5th October 2014),I was astounded to watch Barrie Cassidy and Co. criticising Julie Bishop for not organising flights to treat these people by flying them to Australia.

They played footage from Parliament “Question time” where Labor was grilling Bishop about the same idea.

Are they not aware that the USA has done exactly that and now is in the process of dealing with an outbreak of ebola in the United States ?  Treating medical staff have caught this disease and despite the reassurances from different health organisations that they know how it is transmitted, it has been repeatedly infecting new people. Even medical staff.

Julie Bishop has done exactly the right thing by not bringing this virus to our shores when so many other countries are battling to contain it, ( and failing).

Did the #ABC give you full and complete details as to this issue ? of course not, it is the #ABC when you only get half the story.


Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) continues attacking the Catholic Church

Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) continues attacking the Catholic Church.